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Peter Ness Music Studio

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Peter Ness Music Studio

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Piano Lessons and Music Theory

Piano Lessons and Music Theory Toronto West End

Phone  416-767-9747

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By the lesson

30 Minute lesson   $30

45 Minute lesson   $37

60 Minute lesson   $50

90 Minute lesson   $70

Monthly Rates

30 Minute lessons $120



 Piano Lesson Rates and Policy

Monthly Rates

Monthly rates reflect that there may be a fifth lesson in the month.

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  Piano lessons are open for enrolment at any time of the year. There are no registration fees or punitive long term contracts or commitments!

  Payments are made at the beginning of each piano lessons or each month. In the event of a lesson cancellation, advanced notification is required. Because there are no deductions for missed lessons, missed lessons with reasonable notification can be made-up at another time.

  Daily piano practice is the foundation of a student’s advancement. The amount of practice time required is based on the individual’s goals and skill level. See the parents’ participation page for practise pointers.

  Piano recitals are enjoyable and motivating events that offer students the additional experience of performing in public, increasing the self-confidence of the individual student and warming the hearts of  parents. All are encouraged to participate in the studio's piano recitals.

  Piano teacher, can purchased books, music scores and manuals for your convenience. Payment will be due upon receipt of the material.

  Parents or guardians are welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting room area while students are having their lesson or are invited to sit in on the teaching.

   Piano teacher is available if required to accompany a student in a competition or audition. The fee would depend on the request details.

  Free on-street parking is available in front of or close to the Music Studio, or we are an easy walk from major Toronto  bus routes Please contact Peter Ness via email, or phone with any questions or concerns.

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