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Peter Ness Music Studio

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Piano Lessons and Music Theory

Piano Lessons and Music Theory Toronto West End

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 Piano Teacher Peter Ness

Peter Ness  Peter Ness started piano lessons at the age of 6, quickly picking up musical concepts and learning pieces.  At age 13, his study of theory and composition lessons began with teacher Dr. Samuel Dolin. He learned to create and improvise his own music and at age 17 he won a prize in the North America-wide BMI Student Composers Competition.

  Peter later attended University of Toronto where he obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree (First Class Honours). He has his ARCT teacher Diploma in piano (Pedagogy) (First Class Honours) from the Royal Conservatory of Music and  achieved Royal Conservatory of Music Advanced Specialist – Piano designation.       

  Peter Ness is a skilled, experienced teacher of piano and theory, as well as a practicing performer, conductor, arranger, composer producer and math tutor.  In his career, he has performed in such groups as the Second City Touring Company, the National Youth Orchestra and the Camelia Jazz Band. Peter has performed at a wide range of venues and genre, from Jazz at Grossman’s Tavern to the in-house pianist for a local Toronto Junction, High Park  Restaurant for over 10 years.

  Peter is currently conductor, music director and pianist for the Society of Singers, a choir dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors through music. They perform bi-weekly at variety of events.

  Peter started as a teacher of piano and music theory approximately 22 years ago. He opened the Peter Ness Music Studio in the Toronto west end. He is an experienced teacher of classical, jazz, popular and other genres of music. He teaches music theory so that it becomes a valuable tool for understanding and the playing music. Peter plays and teaches the double bass as well as tutors math students up to university level. He is currently working on a musical series of lectures and songs from Gershwin, Duke Ellington etc.

  Peter performs for seniors either solo or with his wife Helen , in the jazz/classical duo Peter and Helen Ness Entertainment for Seniors.  He is available for duo or solo bookings for weddings, funeral, parties, or any other special event. He also accompanies singers for auditions and performances.